18 . 12 . 12

Bruce Mau's tough love is a refreshing punch in the face.  I recently came across this article - a little late to the game I know, but it just seemed as though it had been waiting in the wings, ready to leap out and catch me at the right moment;  a moment where I would stand up and take notice, where I would have look at myself in the proverbial mirror with some scrutiny, and take a hard look at what I have perceived to be my unlucky circumstances to date.  The message is quite simple - shut up, stop whining, you are lucky that you haven been given an opportunity to change something in this world.  So while I sit hear in the jarring, and refreshing new light of this undeniable truth, something that I feel I knew but lost sight of over the last year,  I blink away the cobwebs of self-absorbance and look forward to all that 2013 has to offer, all the while counting my blessings.  

Bruce Mau's article Architects, You Can Do Better is available here, and definitely worth the read. 

03 . 11 . 12

Last night was filled with the buzz and squeak of the hipster youth, enjoying their fish tacos and dinosaur bones, seeing and being seen at the ROM's Friday Night Live.  I have been known to enjoy my fair share of prehistoric perusal, it is true, but my purposeful attendance quickly shaped itself into a reconnaissance mission.  A project is in the works, my friends - an installation for the Apocalypse...yes, I realise I'm leaving you on a proverbial cliff edge...but that's just how I roll.