This was an entry in the national competition Migrating Landscapes held by the Winnipeg architects 5468796 and Jae-Sung Chon for Canada's installation in the 2012 Venice Biennale in Architecture.  The work, a joint venture between Gillian Tyrrell and Andrea Lacalamita, was selected to show at Toronto's Brookfield Place as a part of Ontario's regional exhibition.  It was one of four projects that won at the regional level, out of 26 Ontario entries, and proceeded to the national exhibition held at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.  The six pillars - cast in concrete and plaster, carved from newspaper, and formed with copper, cardboard and cork - represent the hidden underpinnings of every Canadian home.  Stories recited by ancestors, old photographs discovered in drawers and attics, vivid memories of past lives and far-away cities accumulate in sedimentary layers beneath every house in the nation, allowing us to settle on solid ground. Our lives are each touched by both gravity and weightlessness; Canadians and Canadian architecture, benefit from a deep understanding of the past without being constrained by it.